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Coaching Videos - (Ages 3-5)
Online Subscription Based Videos

Coaching That Inspires  - Ages 3-5 soccer training videos.

Second Nature Sports uses proven techniques and sports philosophy that nurtures children on and off the field.

Your subscription will last 8 weeks or the duration of your season (winter/spring/summer/fall). Single coach, season long license.


Coaching Videos - (Ages 3-5)

Our online subscription based soccer training videos will lead you and your team through training for a typical 8 week season. These videos are designed for the coach on-the-go and are are short enough to accommodate the busy schedule of the parent-coach, yet comprehensive enough give your team the proper age appropriate training. Perfect for viewing on your mobile device!

Each week the videos will help you progressively develop cognitive, motor and soccer skills of your team through an age appropriate curriculum designed with the help of childhood development specialists.

Second Nature Sports training videos will give you the tools you need to keep your kids engaged while helping them develop soccer skills, social skills, coordination, confidence, and self-esteem. Each week you will be guided through:

  • Warm up activities
  • Stretching
  • Soccer Activities
  • Running Activities
  • Game Activities