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League Directors:

We all know the numbers in youth sports are dramatically decreasing with each passing year. We have the solution! We can provide coaching education for each coach in your league for less than you'll spend on t-shirts. Learn how to turn any parent into an all-star coach, make recruiting parent-coaches easy and create an environment where your league grows year after year.

Studies have shown that when coaches received training or coaching education, only 5% of children chose not to play the sport again. With untrained coaches, the attrition rate was 26% (Smoll and Smith, 1992). Yet, most youth coaches do not receive any training despite these statistics. Only 1 out of every 5 coaches of youth teams for children under age 14 say they have been trained effectively enough to feel comfortable communicating in a positive, yet motivational manner. Furthermore, just 1 in 3 coaches say they are comfortable teaching skills and tactics according to a study produced for Project Play.

Our Training Plans are the optimal guide for parent-coaches to aid them in the running of a practice session for children We offer three different levels of age-appropriate curriculum (ages 3-5, 6-7, 8-13) to ensure that the practice content is absolutely perfect for the various levels of child development. Our plans have been created by Steve Locker and child development specialists. We know that using elite level drills and activities to develop kids under 13 just doesn't work.

Each weekly newsletter offers a different theme and covers the five main parts of a practice session: Warm-Up activity, Stretching program, Soccer Skill activity, Running activity, and a Final FUN game. Each activity is presented in the form of a short video, graphics, and easy to understand diagrams. Our videos even show children from each age group participating in the activities, so coaches know exactly what level of engagement to expect from their age group. Most importantly, a coach can access a perfect training session in less than two minutes. All of this can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, and used right on the training field.

View samples of our U5/U6/U8+ Training Plans


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