Passing & Receiving

Age Group: 
Age 8+

In this weeks’ session, we are starting to demand a heightened level of concentration and stronger technical command of the ball. Players need to be held accountable for their touch and we need to keep them focused. How they present themselves to receive a pass, turn their hips to play a pass, are all very important aspects of this session. Like all sessions, every player should have a ball. We will need about 24 cones and 4 small goals.

Theme of the Week: 
Passing and Receiving
Warm Up: 

Pass and Follow Video

In a grid (approx. 15 yards sq.), have about 5-8 players spread out in circular fashion.

Pass and Follow

Players begin to pass and then follow their pass to assume the position of the player receiving the ball. Focus is on good technique, and playing the way your hips are facing. Players may not pass to the teammate immediately next to them. This game can progress to one touch passing, and for older players, you can begin to add additional soccer balls.



Stretching Week 1

Hold each stretch for 8-12 seconds. Make sure to alternate sides.
Soccer Activity: 

Dribbling, Passing & Receiving

Focus on dribbling the ball, shifting their body, and passing the ball with follow-through.


In this exercise, the players opposite each other begin by dribbling their ball on an angle towards the cone. As they round the cone, they shift their hips and pass to the waiting player in the target area. They then follow their pass and get into the end of the line.  The receiving player concentrates on his/her first touch and taking the ball towards the cone on an angle. Play continues with all players focusing on all touches. The coach can change the direction after several minutes of play.


Running Activity: 

Shuttle Sprints

Players run to red cone and back to starting line, then to blue cone and back, and then to yellow cone and back.

Cones should be about 5 yards apart.

  • Kids run forwards, touch line and then run backwards.
  • Coach can yell out what type of running they want the kids to do, i.e. grapevine, etc.
  • Instead of cones, the can blow a whistle . . . the kids change directions.
  • For the younger children you can shorten the distance between the cones and the number of shuttle sprints they complete.


Game of the Week: 
Coaching Tip: 
Our theme of passing and receiving is a chance for young players to really take their focus and concentration to new levels. Certainly, coaches need to emphasize good passing and receiving technique. If you are a coach with little soccer experience, a good way to demonstrate good technique is to use the very best players on your team. These players are able to "paint a very good picture" for the other players to emulate.

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