Welcome to Soccer

Age Group: 
Age 3-5

Welcome to the Second Nature Soccer weekly Coaches Training Plan. The weekly Coaches Training Plan arrives in the format of a newsletter that features easy to read diagrams, images and videos suitable for mobile or desktop viewing. We hope that you will find this training plan an excellent resource in insuring that the chidren are having lots of fun.  Thanks for subscribing!

In our first week, we will introduce Sharks & Minnows at the beginning of the session. This is always the favorite game of children in this age group, and we finish almost every week with a few minutes of Sharks & Minnows. They get a double dose in week 1 so that they can get introduced to the game and have an increased understanding as they finish each session.  As you progress, you will see an incredible increase in confidence in evey child.

Theme of the Week: 
Welcome to Soccer
Warm Up: 

Sharks and Minnows Video

Sharks and Minnows

Children are learning spatial awareness, risk-taking, speed of reaction time and overcoming fear of failure.

  • The coach is the shark and the kids are the minnows.
  • The shark is trying to hit the minnows with the soccer ball.
  • The balls are played on the ground.
  • If a minnow is hit, then he is frozen.  Only another minnow can unfreeze him by tagging him.
  • The game ends when all of the minnows are frozen.

Stretching Week 1

Hold each stretch for 8-12 seconds. Make sure to alternate sides.
Soccer Activity: 

Cone Maze

Cone Maze

The children are dribbling their soccer balls through the maze, attempting to change the direction of their ball without hitting any cones.  Goals are placed on the perimeters to allow the children to score some goals as they reach different sides.

Running Activity: 

Agility Course

Coach runs through the course to demonstrate for the children.

Set up agility course around the soccer field (20 to 25 square yards).

If you don't have a speed ladder, set up a single slalom course with cones.  

Kids can do one and two foot jumps in the hopping section.   You can use cones instead of hurdles for the hopping section.

You can use bibs instead of discs for the spot running (turtle run).

Complete the course 3-4 times.  

Game of the Week: 

Sharks and Minnows

Make sure all of the kids are involved.

Make sure to play this game several times.  

Children are learning spatial awareness, risk-taking, speed of reaction time and overcoming fear of failure.

Coaching Tip: 
In this age group, we always want to get the children playing as quickly as possible. They want action, and will quickly get bored if we spend too much time explaining things. The Cone Maze gets them changing directions while dribbling a ball, and the agility course offers them the opportunity to do lots of different kinds of running. It’s stimulating and fun. Keep them active and they will be laughing the entire time!

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