Former D1 Soccer Coach Writes Book to Help Parents

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 14, 2013 -- Second Nature is a unique philosophy and coaching methodology, that focuses on the whole child, engaging kids through purposeful fun. The method helps children develop critical skills for life, skills for the game of soccer, and an ongoing passion to play the game. It addresses childhood sports programming in a new way that’s not just about training – it’s a way of thinking, a philosophy. It’s a movement that is poised to build a dedicated and robust following of parents, coaches, recreational leagues, and facilities across the nation.

Second Nature was developed by Steve Locker with insights from Professors Dave Fernie and Dr. Jackie Goodway, two highly accredited early childhood development and behavioral specialists at The Ohio State University. Rooted in the latest scientific understanding, Second Nature is based on how children learn through play. Instead of prioritizing outcomes and winning, emphasis is placed on enjoyment and skill development. Children are given a supportive and inclusive environment where they can have fun while building social skills, coordination, confidence, self-esteem, and motor skills.

Every person within the Second Nature community is engaged through books, DVDs, online tools, live workshops, speaking engagements, and Second Nature method licensing for U5 and U6 programs. Those involved are confident that they can learn the skills they need to effectively coach youth players, and they know the necessary resources are available when they have questions or need support. Initially focused on children age 6 and under in soccer programs, Second Nature translates easily to older age groups and other sports, Second Nature is ready to grow.

Steve Locker is a recognized leader in the soccer community with a career that has spanned the globe. He played collegiate soccer for Penn State and internationally for Hannover 96 in Germany. He has 16 years of collegiate head coaching experience with eight League Championships, including two Ivy League titles. And he is the first American to earn a professional coaching diploma from Germany’s famed Deutscher Fussball – Bund. Second Nature leverages his acclaimed career and builds on the success of Locker Soccer Academies, where the method has been successfully implemented for over nine years.

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