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Training Plans

The weekly soccer training plans provides coaches with suggested activities to increase skill in all areas of play. By subscribing to our training plans you will receive a training plan for 8 weeks in the form of a weekly newsletter starting the first week of your league's season. If you have already subscribed to a season long training plan click the link below.

Welcome to Soccer (Age 3-5)

Welcome to the Second Nature Soccer weekly Coaches Training Plan. The weekly Coaches Training Plan arrives in the format of a newsletter that features easy to read diagrams, images and videos suitable for mobile or desktop viewing. We hope that you will find this training plan an excellent resource in insuring that the chidren are having lots of fun.  Thanks for subscribing!

In our first week, we will introduce Sharks & Minnows at the beginning of the session. This is always the favorite game of children in this age group, and we finish almost every week with a few minutes of Sharks & Minnows. They get a double dose in week 1 so that they can get introduced to the game and have an increased understanding as they finish each session.  As you progress, you will see an incredible increase in confidence in evey child.

Dribbling (Age 6-7)

In this session, we are beginning to lay the foundation that empowers young children to take risks, learn how to deal with setbacks, and grow in confidence. We do this by dribbling the ball, not just kicking it, and setting the environment that promotes taking a player on and trying to beat them on the dribble. We’ll need a soccer ball for each player, 24 cones, and some small goals.

Passing & Receiving (Age 8+)

In this weeks’ session, we are starting to demand a heightened level of concentration and stronger technical command of the ball. Players need to be held accountable for their touch and we need to keep them focused. How they present themselves to receive a pass, turn their hips to play a pass, are all very important aspects of this session. Like all sessions, every player should have a ball. We will need about 24 cones and 4 small goals.